Sunday, January 4, 2009

This Week...

Has been amazing.

I went to my first rave on new years eve at the virtual XD

It was euphoric. I was pulling on the strings of heaven. My friend Jessica took me with a few of her friends. I got to meet so many people and dance till I collapsed.
At the stroke of midnight there was a net holding a bunch of balloons to the ceiling and the whole crowd jumped and tore the net and all the balloons showered down on us. With the lights and the beat it was a new experience.

However the cops raided the place around 2 and a bunch of people got arrested who were thizzing and such. Including the people we came with. So Jessica and I were stranded for a min but some guy we met at the rave invited us to some after party in turlock.
So we did that and partied till 8am lol. We then to to Britney's house in Modesto and slept till like 4pm.

haha I didn't get back to Tracy till the 2nd. My life is a movie.

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