Sunday, January 24, 2010

Interesting night

So Friday night while at work I was forwarded a text message saying 'Tell Brandon his ID is at 711' I have no idea how It got there especially since I had been pulled over the night before and thought I'd given my ID to the cop that night. LOL, well anyways after work I ventured over to the 711 and my old drummer Adam was working. He gave me the ID and said someone found it in the parking lot. I'm afraid I'll never know how that happened.

But anyway we ended up hanging out for quite a while making jokes about the customers and the domokun paraphernalia and I stayed until he got off work. I realized my dad was supposed to be playing a show at the Main St. Cafe downtown so I convinced Adam to go with me. It ended up he wasn't playing that night (however I did get to hear his jazz band the next night) Adam had work and I had places to go so we split but as we walked to our cars we started random conversation about existence and relativism.

Something he had read in a little paperback philosophy book he had gotten from the library. It was attempting to show the the concept of gods being to be 'all powerful' is contradicting. If some individual entity is all powerful then among these powers he eternally exists and cannot perish, correct? At the same time he would have the power to destroy all given matter, anything within anything of existence, absolute creation and destruction.

So Ultimately, can God kill himself?

If yes then he is not impervious, his power exceeds his durability.

If no then his being exceeds his control, he is not all powerful to destroy everything in existence.

Kind of enigmatic I guess.

Another interesting thing he brought up was an old Greek philosopher's idea of a triangle that has been the balance of man's connection with God since written history. Two of these three will always be a possible truth, able to interchange which two but all three will never co exist.

First being God is all powerful,

Second being God is all good,

and Third being there is suffering in the world.

If he's all good and there is suffering then he does not have the power to help us.
If he's all powerful and there is suffering then he does not care enough to help us.
and if he's all good and all powerful, there is no suffering.

Of coarse this raises the arguments of suffering being necessary to the human condition for the sake of experience and knowledge, but we won't get into that.

The funny thing is if you apply the contradiction of the 'all powerful' concept being impossible in its literal sense, then systematically that only leaves two out of the triangle to be ultimately true.

God is good and there will always be suffering.

there, the key to life, solved in a formula.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


..just realized I have a lot of shallow acquaintances that I should cut from my life. I don't need the conditional support of those who dupe me at their convenience. seriously fuck you and your hollow, aimless life. fuck love, I trust ambition. Ppl accept each others shameless lifestyles to justify their own. You can look someone in their eyes and see the listless void and just know they have no substance.

Think of the hours we waste just to be content, nobody is willing to take risks to attain what they truly want. All we do is fill our days with monetary gain and moderated sentiments because we follow the line below us, but what if you look to the sky? What if you trim the fat and cut the ties to all the anchors we're afraid to lose?

What if you let go?

Saturday, January 2, 2010


...was my last show with Alighieri, oh well start off the new year with a clean slate I suppose. I did have fun on New Years eve though. Hung out with Nicole on a couch at a little shin dig at Sean and Kim's house and listened to some drunk girl talk about objectifying women and feminism whilst my friend "Gmoney" asked where all the "hot ass single bitches were" lol. I'm also glad that I missed the rave cause it was sold out when Jerrad, Chantel and Robert got to the venue in Sac. Missssed the blue moon though!! =*( and lost my band =**(

Still have Az'rael though =)

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