Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Sites

Created a promotional site for local metal bands in and around the central valley and bay area. I've got 4 bands on now and working on 2 more. It's mainly for updates on shows, tours, album and track releases, what have you, but I eventually want to book some shows under the label name 'Apex Promotion' begining in 2011.

check it ---> Apex Promotion

This was kind of a beta tester to stretch what I can do with photoshop along with some light html coding. So far It looks passable =)

Also created an online portfolio on my old tripod account. Simple design but I'm liking it.

check this also --> Apocryphal Visual

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This may come as a late realization, but its sad how genuinely shallow people can be. It seems everyone judges one another by superficial standards and size people up to face value. Much as a lot of people are, worth their face value, they gauge those around them.

Even personal friendships and close nit trust can be broken by situational circumstance, Peoples bonds are broken by time and the way people can change easily. People abandon others as quickly as the tides change. People will follow trends of being best friends and then in the same day openly talk shit based on who is around them. People are fallible, and trust can only run as deep as the person who holds it.

I think its funny how we are social creatures and ultimately need interaction yet we simulaniusly compete in a sub-conscious fashion, based on status or social position, or simply use this interaction for personal gain. No one is truly selfless, no ones caring and apathy extends past their own selfishness.

Sometimes it feels like im standing waist deep in the ocean having each wave crash on me waiting for it to stop, but the ocean never stops

Went and recorded a new track yesterday with Az'rael, along with re-amping some old tracks, and I must say it went pretty well. I'm loving the production quality as well as the songs themselves, I feel like I'm accomplishing more as a band and stretching past musical limitations that I once had. Can't wait to finish the full length.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

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