Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eventful week

So the Show is tomorrow for Justin's birthday. It looks like it's gonna end up pretty legit :) We had to clean a lot of the garage out and find the mysterious odor, which happened to be moldy beer and rancid cream in old coffee ;) but that was handled promptly.

This week has been very fun for me. On Monday I got to go on the river in Manteca and float on my new raft with some of my co-workers and friends, then after we all went to Roseville to hit the water slide park there, which was truely awesome. I don't remember the slides being that big, there was a giant vert ramp that was stories tall, I almost got the sensation that we would slide right off the top and land in the nearby freeway just from the velocity of the inner tube you slide upon, the ramp was damn near a 90 degree angle hahaha. Yesterday my good friends Brittany and Jillian invited me to 6 flags cause they had a get one person in free coupon with their season pass.

I had forgotten how much I love roller coasters. This was so liberating and fun I felt like a 10 yr old kid screaming on those rides. The white water rapids ride was a great way to cool down in the hot weather, however my pants stayed wet pretty much all day :T lol. I got to ride the Medusa which is one of my all time favs :) I also got Justin's bday gift which was a purple and black "the Flash" shirt, very original and rare haha kinda bay area style. The girls got me a wind breaker material batman cape with a neon green emblem on the back!! So generous of them, It's safe to say I was running around wearing it with my hands suspended in the air yelling 'whoooosssshh' (as if batman could fly XD) All in all I had a super fun filled experience.

I still need to see Water for Elephants...

Anyways I'm probably gonna roll a blunt, go for a jog, and pressure wash the garage floor for tomorrow. I am Excite d(>,< )b

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Floating on the river, waterslides in roseville, medusa at six flags, and now the show epic proportions on friday. Itsbeengood

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Im going though a phaze where I am just realizing the true, essential beauty of life.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

farm = venue?

So Justin wanted a metal show for his birthday so we booked one at the farm +_+

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