Monday, April 25, 2011


Ok so I was gonna attempt to post the exceprt you see below from my girlfriends computer because my computer can't access the router we just got for some reason. However from the party preperations and all I didn't end up getting much time to do it. So although its late I'm still gonna post it:

"Wow it seem like I haven't been on this thing in forever. We were absent of internet for some time, its actually quite hard to find any internet providers that offered service all the way in the cuts where we live. We finally found some backwoods ass internet called Cal dsl, however my laptop won't connect to the router =/ so I'm posting this off Nicole's laptop.

My birthday was awesome as all hell. I got to eat sushi with all my friends at Kengos, I got the krispy and crazy roll 8_8 then we all went bowling, and i bowled 141! haha not too shabby for me. I got Super Street fighter 4 and a batman trade. Overall a superlative kick ass day. Tonight we've having our 2nd rave party at the farm, in celebration of Brad's and my own birthday :) This one is going to be legit. We have 4 satellite speakers and 3 18' subs! @_@ thats a lotta boom. We got 4 djs and 2 more doing subsets. Justin, Jerrad, and Jeff Buterra like last time, plus we got Trever Thomas, Joe, and Eric throwing in mixes. Even the flyer I made looks more legit than the last one hahaha.

Our security bailed however so I am a little nervous, hopefully no broken bottles over people's heads and hopefully no gun shots this time."

Now after the party, I must say it was an awesome success, we had 6 dj's, 4 satellite speakers, and 3 18' subs!! its was off the chain! *_* We had dubstep, trance, progressive, electro, house, tech, dnb, breakbeat, the works!!

There was roughly 250 - 300 people that showed up. And despite a few blurps It was relativly drama free. I got quite a bit of footage which I will edit and post later. In retrospect I must say It was one of the most awesome house parties I've ever attended much less thrown. Everything seemed to come together perfectly... for the most part haha.

ps no gun shots either ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Havent been able to post due to no interwebs, hoorah for mobile. Last hour of being 23vv 0_0

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