Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 2010

Ok, where to start, as I'm looking at Nicole sitting across from me in the living room looking for A Day to Remember/ August Burns Red/ Silverstein tickets I had decided to update. My Birthday was encompasingly awesome this year. I had a kick ass party at the farm which was hardly organized or promoted well at all but had a great turn around. I got to see all of my friends that I wanted to (well almost) and like 150 strangers showed up haha.

Nicole took me to the Giants game the day before and that was a great game, one of the most fun games I've been to in days, beat the Pirates 6-0

I also got a kick ass NY Giants throw back New Era cap, the Castlevania: Judgement game for Wii, and some awesome DC and Marvel Cupcakes! all from Nicole, she's so awesome I don't deserve her =) I got some graphic Novels from Jayr, and a baseball glove from Justin. This year was unavoidably awesome.

We were supposed to go to see A Day to Remember and August Burns Red as I forementioned. However we put off getting the tickets too long and the SF date is sold out. However we might trip to Fresno on May 3rd instead cause there is still tickets available there. Its a long shot but It could work.

Adventurous cupcakes

Monday, April 26, 2010

Byron Inn

Ok so I went to the Byron Inn tonight. It was like my fifth or sixth time going. It was my good friend and soon to be new room mate Brad's birthday so I wanted to do something fun. A few people from work were going to check out the Byron Inn, some have been there before, some first time. Nicole wanted to stay home (boo) so just Brad and I tagged along. As we pulled up I noticed that the sign that had once been tagged up by my friends years ago had been painted over. There was ten of us at first that approached the walkway, we hopped the jagged fence and proceeded. As we were strolling down the creepy, narrow walkway with our flashlights we starting hearing rustling noises coming from the brush. Some people started to get nervous but we realized it was just cows, then we realized that we were surrounded by cows, which was a little freaky. They started to chant and moo and run around which proved to scary for some of us and some of the group departed.

We continued down the windy path in the darkness with only the radiance of the moon's light to guide us. I've been here plenty times before mind you but this time had a weird aura to it. We all felt uneasy. Mind you I've been up and down that building in the past. I've gone through the dark corridors, down the daunting hallways covered in graffiti, built bon fires in the back yard, ascended the twisting staircases that leads to the top, all with its respective creepy-ness yet tonight still held a scary sense all its own.

As we finally approached the large, dark building hidden behind a large hill, we saw a light begin to emit from behind. We all stopped and walked to the right to get a glimpse of its source, and there sat a somewhat new looking white trailer. Everyone that's been here before knew off the bat that that hasn't been there before. Suddenly the light turned off and you could see the side of the trailer better. Some of us claimed to see someone move near it in the distance, possibly going inside the trailer. As we got a little closer to be able to see the side door the door suddenly opened and a tall, dark figure walked outside with something in his hand. That was the green light for the majority of us to freak out and retreat to the entrance of the walkway. While running back we all talked about what we saw. I vaguely saw a dark figure, But some with us, including Brad said they saw a very tall, possibly 8 ' tall man in a long, dark robe. Could have been anybody, it was weird.

I've heard of cultist shit going on out there, Seances, dark robes and such. That only added to the superstition. We eventually got back to the farm and played Cham-pong. Wish we could have made it inside the Inn tonight, but overall, it was a good night. =)

Almost forgot to post about recently passed Birthday! I'll be sure to do that next blogspot visit +)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Im trying not to slip/ been trying not to lose footing/
Loose land keeps the pressure on my kicks/
and when I fall I tend to land like a ton of bricks/
stand like a man made of concrete and sediment like/
fuck your skin nobody needs it theres/ Bones and muscles and blood/
Whats realer than fat and tendons?/
Its raw no soft tissue to draw your eyes to it so far flesh aint the truest at all lets rip into it/
Were all sick of them missed shots/
passed over like the last man picked no team so pissed off/
and/ thats not honesty/
thats just soft curves got your world flipped/
got you makin mixtapes for girls/
and thats the skin again/
lets blame the skin again/ stretching itself so fluidly over these awkward/ ligaments/
and I didnt shave today/
I prolly wont tomorrow and its safe to say Im never gonna shed this extra (yeah)/

So fuck it back to the wall/
crush it/ laugh at em all/
hush/ let em try to find the beauty in your face/
something more than a song/
they hatin? Aw come on/
dust/ let em try to find the beauty in the bassline/
aw but then them words they dont change/
we wont sing with what will fade away/
yeah we do our own damn thing/
we dont blink at what tomorrow might bring (at all)/

- P.O.S.

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