Wednesday, August 31, 2011

lost अगस्त

It been a while since I updated this blogger. Well, only a month but that seems like a long time. These past couple weeks I've been trying to promote the Az'rael page alot, attempting to generate hype for our upcoming ep 'The Reoccurring Nightmare'. I made an intro track that Jerrad helped my produce, which I really like how it turned out. We also made a house track together which I thought ended up pretty cool as well. He's also helping me add little effects and sounds to our songs that I think add a little spice to them. We had another dance party for Josh's birthday, and the setup we ended up using was the most legit one we've had so far. Jerrad brought his midi controller and soundboard, David Fagen brought his 2 huge speakers with subs, mids and highs. And Erik brought his turntables. There was some rambunctious drama that ensued but overall I think it was a memorable party.

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