Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vanilla sky

Haven't posted on this in four months or so and I didn't finish my tour blog but I'm interrupting with this.

I forgot how awesome of a movie vanilla sky is... a modern tragedy ... makes me sad in a happy way...

Psychologists say that there is no such things as 'tears of joy'.  That when you get sad at a happy ending its your subconscious realization that the world is no where near as perfect as the movie depicts.  Its your adult mind acknowledging that the way you saw things as a child, anything being possible, that every person has a soul mate waiting,  that all dreams do come true.. simply doesn't exist.  Your childhood self getting crushed by the harsh reality of our actual existance... the real world.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tour and stuff

  Our last stint on the road back in August was one to remember.  We traveled down to the LA area for the last few dates of our fuckyourhighscore tour.  First day of the SoCal dates was Lancaster.  This was quite and arduous drive going all the way from Tracy to there, but it was a cool show.  I really like the venue called the Industry Theater, very artsy lol.  We got there and Symbolik was running late so we played before them shortly after our friends in This Sinking Vessel opened.  I really like their djenty style material and look forward to seeing more from them, they just released and EP I believe which I want to check out.  Our set went well but we kinda fucked up 'ruins of babylon' which was kinda lame and also butchered our 'pearl harbor' song at the end, but most people didn't know the structure of those songs and didn't notice haha so besides that it was a good sounding set.  John Oliva was an exuberant vocalist and we were compared to White Chapel by one of the other bands, I think largely due to his vox.  The venue kinda screwed us out of our payout but its whatever he was kinda a dick and I wasn't gonna let that ruin the roadtrip.  We still got some good response and it feels good to play for a crowd of other areas.

  The next day we played Anaheim at this place called the Doll Hut that Mac from Homeless One Productions got us on.  That was a cool favor.  Its like this Death Metal bar right in the downtown area.  Super small (I guess you could say intimate) venue but it had a cool underground vibe to it.  We played with like 8 other bands from around the area and 2 that were on tour all the way from Minnesota and Wisconsin, Ominous Conception and Micawber.  Both of those bands were friggin brutal as shit.  One literally had the Joey Jordenson double bass kicks.  I traded a couple of our cds for theirs, same with Alighieri back at home,  I like my growing collection of underground metal.  There was a Christian Death Metal band that had a good local following of leather vests and wallet chains that was actually very legit.  Super precise and technical drummer with very tradtional death metal riffs.  Super down to earth guys too.  Mac paid us out and gave me like 30 drink tickets to play, which was a very nice gesture.  We also could see the Disneyland fireworks show from where we were playing.  That was an awesome visual to add to the evening.

  The 3rd day was probably the most epic thing we did all tour or even as a band in general for that matter.

cont. on next post...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


     These past few weeks have been awesome.  We started our first few dates of our 'fuck your high score 2012' tour that I helped orchestrate.  We played Workshop July 14th with some awesome bands like Corcid, Make it Reign, Eviscerate and Human Contortion.  Yet again workshop was a lackluster crowd but the bands sounded really good and it feels pretty cool to be able to add those bands to the roaster of bands we've played with.  July 20th we played Plea for Peace with As Artifacts, Your Hero is a Villain and our boys in Bloodpig.  That was a fun show. Crowd was a little more worth while and it was fun playing with these bands and partying in the parking lot lol.

     This past weekend was when things really got more involved and fun.  August 2nd we played the Boardwalk and that surpassed my expectations.  I had a little stress with pushing the presales but it ended up worthwhile.  We we're running late and got to the show after our load in time but that was to our favor because it bumped us up on the lineup haha.  There was like over 100 kids that showed up and the crowd was really responsive.  We played with As Dreamers, it was their cd release, along with Sound the Sirens from Reno and Citadel.  All of them sounded pretty good.  Had a blast playing with them and got some contacts for future booking as well.

    The day after on August 3rd we got to play in our very own hometown Tracy, CA with Alighieri, Symbolik, Edge of Life, Awaiting the Apocalypse and Conducting from the Grave.  This was a truly epic event.  Every band sounded amazing and on point.  All the bands had new material and I feel this really established everyone as their defined sounds.  All the unsigned acts seem to be the up and coming sounds of the underground scene of metal/ heavy music.  Every band has an individual sound and structure that emanates their progress through the years.  We had an after party afterwards with all the bands kicking it old school smoking blunts in the mob machine and making up djent band names for fun.  Besides being punched in the head by Karlie a few times it was a really good night.

    Next week we are hitting the road with Symbolik to the LA area for a string of shows, John Olivia is doing guest vocals for us because Jayr is going camping with Christine that weekend.

looking forward to this

Friday, July 6, 2012

Karlie fries

This girl is the most exuberent, insane, driven, evil, hot, good in bed, absolute luciferian that I've ever encountered.  I went to jail for 6 days for this girl and still was madly in love with her.  She brought out the very best and worst within me.  Shown me things about myself and the world around me that I might have not learned on my own, and thats a mix a good and bad things.  She is gone now and part of me misses her while other parts of me praise every second she is completely out of my life.

This is what I've become now.

Ocean waves ink

Friday, June 15, 2012

thats my que

Babylon club, day 4 of tour w behold the device and bloodpig.  pizza, pool hall, and raunchy dirty metal whiskey.   whoop whoop

oh yea almost forgot about new years...

Dance Dance Resolution

I seemed to have created a monster.  As Dr. Frankenstein probably once felt.  I also noticed I haven't mentioned Karlie as much as I should have in these recent posts.   She was an amazing girl and one of the most life changing experiences I've had.  In my resistance to avoid predictable vanilla flavors in women and in social activity I found both a hobby and a girl both flavored of sour bubble gum and pop rocks.  Karlie started dancing at these events and she looked amazing . 

New years was my biggest event ever, period.  500+ people showed up, we had az'rael, symbolik, and kennedy veil played for the bands.  We got a rapper for the first time, xcypherx and then the djs after.  Trever, David and Jrad.  Bedraggled (drummer of symbolik) was going to spin but he didn't bring his equipment.  Anyways the party was absolutely insane and I had the time of my life.  The music, the lights, utter insanity.   Then someone got stabbed and it was downhill from there.  An all out brawl ensued and 20+ people got involved and security couldn't even help.  Tracy pd showed up and eventually highway patrol came too.  Shortly after the sheriff and even a swat team looking group made an appearance.   They kicked in the door to the grow operation we had going and I got arrested.   I was threatened 4 years in jail but only spent 5 hours in their car.   Shit preverably hit the fan.

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