Thursday, July 28, 2011

City of Angels

Went to LA last week for Justin's comedy gig. It was at the Comedy store in downtown Hollywood. We got to stop by Disneyland which was so much funnn. I got to go on rides that I haven't been on in over 10 years. I also got to go to the 'California Adventure' park, which I have never been. We got so many rides in within one day it was ridiculous, we kept skipping lines with the 'single rider' line haha. Space Mountain was immeasurably epic. I like how they threw Johnny Depp into the Pirates of the Caribbean ride like 4 times lol.

After Disneyland we went to Hollywood the next day and went to the walk of fame with all the stars on it. I didn't know rugrats had its own star haha. There were several people dressed as random celebrities or superheros just roaming the street in character lol. I thought I was taking a picture next to spiderman statue but it turned out to be a real person in a spiderman costume, which in turn scared the shit out of me.

I also met Louis C.K. *_*

I wanna end this now so dreams of you wont keep me up. I swear I might cry, I'm sick of trying to be tuff.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

City of Angels ^_^

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Eventful week ^,^

Went to see this on Monday. It was amazing, I felt like Leonardo Dicaprio in the Beach, except there was no beach only rocks. Its called Candy rock and its off in the mountains and trees near Sonora. It had clear, emerald green water and large, weathered rocks. There was this 40' drop into a waterfall from a protruding rock in the sky. After watching a few people jump it I was shitting bricks ton event attempt it but I did anyways and it felt great. It felt scarier than sky diving, literally. There was also a natural water slide that lead to the same waterfall and that was fun as well, bumpy, but fun nonetheless.

The previous day I went to SF with my friend Rumor. We originally had planned on seeing supervillians at some venue on mission blvd, so after the bart exit on 16th street we started to walk to the venue and got distracted by some street art/ graffiti that was down an alley. There was some pretty cool work in there and we got some pictures. It seemed to go forever. The alley took us further away from the venue and when we got to the end I grew somewhat of an appetite, so we got yummy swiss and portabello mushroom burgers :) Thereafter we continued to get lost in downtown San Fransisco and found many other cool pieces of work, along with a vintage zuit suit store. We found out we were completely going in the wrong direction yet I was determined to make it to the venue regardless of when the show ends due to my zest to complete our mission. We actually found it and saw the end of their set through the window of the place. I felt accomplished to say the least.

All of this was on the walls of an alleyway. I think this far exceeds most of which is found hanging in modern art museums these days.

ps++ Justins birthday show went well, all the bands killed, and we even got to play a limp bizkit cover. >,<

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