Friday, February 19, 2010

Another 'What if'

Since the universe is mathematically infinite what if we were just a by product of existence, suggesting that God has created us within our world and attempted to influence us and anoint us, but we failed. We had our chance during the biblical times and now our chance has passed. Although omnipotent what if he was not omnipresent and is now involved with a different world inhabited by different people/species of higher intelligence, trying to influence their lives for the better. Our abandoned existence has continued clinging on to the doctrines and dogma of thousands of years ago and we simply continued to progress and exist without him. With our own cluttered yet mosaic perspectives on reality and the conscious world, we are whats left. A by product of God's creation. A failed attempt. Our hope died with the Prophets of the past.

We've been forgotten.

Or, another possibility could be that what if he was omnipresent and sees all life, pain, suffer age and love in every stretch of the universe. Simultaneously present and aware of everything everywhere at any given time, but he is not omnipotent. Meaning he can see our different transgressions and blessings but does not posses the power to change them. We'd merely be an unfurling soap opera to him. He merely gave us the canvas to paint on and waited to watch what would become.

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