Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ness, Liz and I went and ventured to Golden Gate park in SF today for 4/20. We ended up showing up around dusk so it was dying down a bit but it was still fun. There was some guy dancing like Eddie Gordo from Tekken, and a fire spinner person lol. Then we got to eat noodles! I got the egg, chicken, and rice noodle soup and it was quite delectible.

There was an Atmosphere concert today that I was considering to go to, and a Giants game over SBC park!! All in San Frisco today (well techically yesterday) yet we just ended up going to the park, walking around Haight, and getting noodles. I couldn't be happier.

3 blunts XD

Thursday, April 16, 2009


My birthday was totally rad this year. I got to see all of my friends. Jayr, Aaron and Manuel came through to my house at midnight as it turned to birthday. We danced around in the street. I got to eat chicken garlic pizza, and cupcakes Vannessa made me!

I went to garage mob for a bit, saw Mike, Paul and Silva, and even Steph, Heather, and Sam. My dad got me tshirts and a towel loll. I even got to see the Dragonball movie!! Which in my opinion was a lot better than expected.

Justin and I went to Tahoe with our friend Kenny this past monday. We actually won and got eggs benedict. We left at 2am for some reason and saw the sun come up from its reflection on the casino windows across the street.

Also I played Stockton Empire finally with Alighieri. The show went really well and it was super fun. Arsonists get all the girls were fun to kick it with, and I got a free hoodie out of it =D

Monday, April 6, 2009

Looking back

Beaches of Normandy was an eclectic experience for me. I got to see, hear, and feel so much in the 2+ years we spent together. All the music, all the ridiculous fun we had at practice, the mob machine, the people. The 2 tours we went on I will never forget for the rest of my life. We got to meet so many new faces and bands, got to hear new music from new places. So much support from all sides of the spectrum. The Radio shows, sleeping in the van. The dedicated loving fans. Especially the one that made us a cake! This was a milestone in my life. I learned so much and developed so much, musically, mentally, spiritually and otherwise.

Driving through a snowy tundra at 4am in the middle of the northern west coast trying not to swerve off the edge of the road as car accidents are happening all around us and Mike is spun of 4 rockstars and ranting about 2pac comming from space on dubs. Jay R and I burning with almost everyband we met. Corey and his headband. I even am appreciative of the friendships I once had with Art and Anthony.

and Kyle and Mike's contribution as well.

It was sad the series of events that had to befall us, and I do take blame for that which is my fault. I wish I could take back certain things. However I have learned from the hardships as well as the glory.

Jerbs you are one of my best friends and I will always love you.

Cordog we'll always be good thru thick and thin.

Manual we seen some shit together but you've not only helped this band immensely but myself to develop true integrity as a person. For that I thank you.

JayR said it best, you were more than fans, and this was more than a band. This was a group of friends chasing the dream. Someday I'll tell my grandkids how I used to play bass for the Beaches of Normandy.

I hope the best for all who was involved in making and supporting this. I will never forget any of you. Some day I'll frame this picture with my memory....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


These last couple weeks have been been quite eventful. This past Saturday I went to San Bernadino with Slerpa, Apok, Vanessa, Tiny and the corrisponding crew. We attended the "Paid Dues" underground hiphop festival presented by Murs 3:16 and Gurilla Union. I got to see Atmosphere, Tech N9ne, Cage, B real, Eyedea, Elemental etc.

It was a blast and there was giant fountain you could stare at and reflect on you life inbetween emcees while your friends are taking a nap.

After, I went and saw White Chapel, Veil of Maya and Suffocation @ Modesto Virtual and Monday. Ultimate Brutaility but no dancing DX. However I did get to hang with White Chapel for a while and totally burn with Veil the whole night lawlz (but everyone does).

Went to Santa Cruz wednesday. Ness wasn't able to join =(. But it was sooo nice, the water, the weather, I got to gather fire wood!! Made a bonfire and made too many smores with sand in them.

And friday I helped Security at Stockton Empyre. That was a crazy show wtf 300 kids of mixed scenes going ape shit on eachother... then brokencyde. Ismfof didn't even play their cover of Soldja boy.

looking forward to 2nite!! Me and Alighieri get to play with some indie bands!! ... and metal bands.... at the same show....wtf


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