Thursday, November 26, 2009

the Atmosphere Between

Our show with Winds of Plague at Stockton Empire on Monday went well. Stick to your guns' set was the most fun. The energy was thick in that little theater, reminded me when I played with them 2 years ago. Hardcore isn't like that anymore. It was fun to glimpse the old days for a moment. We only got to play 3 songs but 2 were brand new, our new death metal song and 'Atmosphere between', they were pretty well received and the sound from the mic up was pretty crisp.

Oceano played, which I missed, but their 'Depths' album I like a lot. Sleeping Giant had a cut in the set were there vocalist took a moment to speak. It caught my attention, he said that when he was young, he thought he had a hold on life. He claimed to be about his friends and about his family, nothing else mattered. He was edge, god free, etc. etc. and driven by hate. Hate for the deceitful, the back stabbing, those who exploit or abuse others. He felt he conducted himself as a man with virtue. A person to stand against the lies and the filth that pollute this world.

Yet the whole time he was sleeping with his best friend's wife.

Ask any of his friends, and they would say he's a cool guy.

He's real

He's honest

He said he once was exactly what is now destroying this society in general.

Hate, blind sighted hate.

Which we all have good reason to have, hate against the world who casted us out. The world who showed us love, then showed us pain and depravity. To show us inhumanity. But we direct our hatred aimlessly, and put other agents of our lives to blame.

Like God

or our parents

He used his would be virtue to compensate for the fact that he was, in essence, an example of the putrid scum that he so whole heartily stood against.

But this misplaced hate and all hate itself will be our undoing. It's destructive to ourselves and others and only perpetuates itself. Forcing us to be more destructive, jealous, envious, vengeful. Wasting our heart and emotion on negative thoughts. It degrades integrity and our piece of mind.

But beneath all the shameless hate True Love exists and waits for us.

Beneath the lies that churches and organized religion feeds us there is the true love of God he holds for us. For us to find.

There is the natural world which we are forced to live in and there is the super natural world that we are meant for. That we deserve.

Being edge isn't enough, being christian isn't enough, being atheist isn't enough.

Disregarding the superficial masks and labels true love of God's light waits for us.
We all have a purpose we can bestow for ourselves. We can all become more than the trash talk and hate people reserve for us. We can climb above and exist higher than what the world has planed for us.

All we need to do is open our mind and heart.

The next day I got panda express with JayR and Nicole (<3 btw) My fortune was "A close friend will have good news for you."


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'm driving to Fresno with Nicole to visit my Grandma, Uncle, Aunt, Cousins etc. It's 1.42 am and I need to sleep for tomorrow (today technically)

I have a lot to be thankful for =) d('-' )b

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