Wednesday, August 15, 2012


     These past few weeks have been awesome.  We started our first few dates of our 'fuck your high score 2012' tour that I helped orchestrate.  We played Workshop July 14th with some awesome bands like Corcid, Make it Reign, Eviscerate and Human Contortion.  Yet again workshop was a lackluster crowd but the bands sounded really good and it feels pretty cool to be able to add those bands to the roaster of bands we've played with.  July 20th we played Plea for Peace with As Artifacts, Your Hero is a Villain and our boys in Bloodpig.  That was a fun show. Crowd was a little more worth while and it was fun playing with these bands and partying in the parking lot lol.

     This past weekend was when things really got more involved and fun.  August 2nd we played the Boardwalk and that surpassed my expectations.  I had a little stress with pushing the presales but it ended up worthwhile.  We we're running late and got to the show after our load in time but that was to our favor because it bumped us up on the lineup haha.  There was like over 100 kids that showed up and the crowd was really responsive.  We played with As Dreamers, it was their cd release, along with Sound the Sirens from Reno and Citadel.  All of them sounded pretty good.  Had a blast playing with them and got some contacts for future booking as well.

    The day after on August 3rd we got to play in our very own hometown Tracy, CA with Alighieri, Symbolik, Edge of Life, Awaiting the Apocalypse and Conducting from the Grave.  This was a truly epic event.  Every band sounded amazing and on point.  All the bands had new material and I feel this really established everyone as their defined sounds.  All the unsigned acts seem to be the up and coming sounds of the underground scene of metal/ heavy music.  Every band has an individual sound and structure that emanates their progress through the years.  We had an after party afterwards with all the bands kicking it old school smoking blunts in the mob machine and making up djent band names for fun.  Besides being punched in the head by Karlie a few times it was a really good night.

    Next week we are hitting the road with Symbolik to the LA area for a string of shows, John Olivia is doing guest vocals for us because Jayr is going camping with Christine that weekend.

looking forward to this

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