Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tour and stuff

  Our last stint on the road back in August was one to remember.  We traveled down to the LA area for the last few dates of our fuckyourhighscore tour.  First day of the SoCal dates was Lancaster.  This was quite and arduous drive going all the way from Tracy to there, but it was a cool show.  I really like the venue called the Industry Theater, very artsy lol.  We got there and Symbolik was running late so we played before them shortly after our friends in This Sinking Vessel opened.  I really like their djenty style material and look forward to seeing more from them, they just released and EP I believe which I want to check out.  Our set went well but we kinda fucked up 'ruins of babylon' which was kinda lame and also butchered our 'pearl harbor' song at the end, but most people didn't know the structure of those songs and didn't notice haha so besides that it was a good sounding set.  John Oliva was an exuberant vocalist and we were compared to White Chapel by one of the other bands, I think largely due to his vox.  The venue kinda screwed us out of our payout but its whatever he was kinda a dick and I wasn't gonna let that ruin the roadtrip.  We still got some good response and it feels good to play for a crowd of other areas.

  The next day we played Anaheim at this place called the Doll Hut that Mac from Homeless One Productions got us on.  That was a cool favor.  Its like this Death Metal bar right in the downtown area.  Super small (I guess you could say intimate) venue but it had a cool underground vibe to it.  We played with like 8 other bands from around the area and 2 that were on tour all the way from Minnesota and Wisconsin, Ominous Conception and Micawber.  Both of those bands were friggin brutal as shit.  One literally had the Joey Jordenson double bass kicks.  I traded a couple of our cds for theirs, same with Alighieri back at home,  I like my growing collection of underground metal.  There was a Christian Death Metal band that had a good local following of leather vests and wallet chains that was actually very legit.  Super precise and technical drummer with very tradtional death metal riffs.  Super down to earth guys too.  Mac paid us out and gave me like 30 drink tickets to play, which was a very nice gesture.  We also could see the Disneyland fireworks show from where we were playing.  That was an awesome visual to add to the evening.

  The 3rd day was probably the most epic thing we did all tour or even as a band in general for that matter.

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